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Sapphire Bluefin is UK Seafood’s farmed bluefin tuna brand.


Our tuna is ranched in the crystal clear waters off the Maltest coastline and Baja California where they are fed a pure fish based diet in order to achieve perfect levels of fat that make our tuna a firm favourite with many of the leading sushi chefs around the world.


Sapphire Bluefin is available all year round and the final customer has ready available information on where it is farmed, how it is farmed, size, weight and all the relevant legal documentation.


The purse-seine fishing technique used to capture the tuna is a highly sustainable method of fishing given it guarantees the non-capture of smaller fish plus allowing the bluefin to even reproduce in captivity post capture.


We work with ICCAT’s strict quota system ensuring every Sapphire Bluefin is part of a fully documented process.


Every tuna post harvest is quickly chilled in ice-baths keeping the core temperature as low as possible which is key to keeping the sashimi quality.


Sapphire Bluefin is our jewel in the crown.

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