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Atlantic Salmon


UK Seafood can supply farmed Atlantic salmon from Norway, Scotland, Chile plus wild Sockeye from Alaska.


We have our own production facility in Poland allowing us to scrape/repack/process/fillet/cook or smoke Salmon products in any way that our clients want to. We also work with some of the world’s largest farms and processors on an exclusive basis.

We can supply both fresh and frozen, from off-cuts to premium finished products, both smoked and un-smoked, organic and non-bio.

Below you can find our best selling Salmon products.

Frozen Salmon Bellies


7.5kg Blocks

Frozen Salmon Skinless B&P


5kg Bags/7.5kg Blocks

Frozen Salmon Scrape Meat

5kg Bags/7.5kg Blocks

Fresh or Frozen Smoked Salmon Tails


5kg Bags/Blocks/Retail Packaging

Smoked Salmon Flakes

5kg Bags/Blocks/Retails Packaging

Frozen Salmon Heads



Frozen Salmon Skin-on Tails


7.5kg Blocks

Frozen Salmon Skinless Cuts


10kg Bags/10kg Blocks

Fresh or Frozen Smoked Salmon Portions 120g+

5kg Bags/Blocks/Retail Packaging

Baked or Boiled Salmon B&P/Portions

5kg or 10kg Bags/Retail Packaging

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