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With a state of the art facility in Poland, we carry out a wide array of specific fish processing 7 days a week and are happy to offer our clients contract processing too.

We offer:

-MAP packaging machines for fresh and smoked fish on PP trays or Styrofoam trays.
-Tray sealer for PP boxes 1kg, 2 kg, 3 kg

-Automatic packaging line for salads, fish in jelly

-Blocks liners 7,5 kg and 8 kg

-Breading lines
Frying lines

-Boiling pans
-Freezing lines

-Packaging lines for marinated and salted products
-Defrosting machines

-Smoking machines

-Ice making machines

-Vacuum machines

We can do:

Fillets, Steaks, HG fish, Butterfly, Cubes, Breaded products (Vacuum, IQF, IWP, Shatter-pack)
Hot and Cold Smoked products (Vacuum and non Vacuum) fresh and frozen
Salads, Jellies, Fish in Jars, Fish in Pancakes, Breaded and fried products, Fresh Fish in MAP or Styro-boxes
Salted Products, Marinated Products
We have HACCP, IFS (International Food Standard), AEO (Authorised Economic Operators)

Value Adding

UK SEAFOOD has a core focus on value-adding.

Working with our clients we create bespoke solutions using salmon, cod, mackerel and tuna as our four core ingredients. We do not waste any part of the fish. We smoke, add various flavoured glazes, cube, dice, scrape and mince. We can make burgers, sausages, smoked flakes using any of the fish we work with. We are constantly working with chefs and food consultants in coming up with new tasty ideas. Please get in contact with us to see what we can create for you.


Poland was where smoked salmon was first smoked.

We have taken centuries of smoking traditions and created a first class smokehouse using the very best methods to produce a top quality smoked salmon.

We have avoided complicated or novelty flavourings and simply smoke the fish with wood chippings from beech.

We find that this is the best way to smoke. Hot smoked or cold smoked we can do both.
As well as producing sliced smoked salmon which we can white label for our retail and wholesale clients we smoke mackerel, herring, hake, cod, saith and eels.

Freeze Storing

UK SEAFOOD has cold store facilities in the UK, France and Poland. We have room to handle thousands of pallets per year and can offer clients freeze storage in our sites across Europe.


In Szczecin in north western Poland we can offer the following services:


Pallet storage



Logistics and Distribution

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