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About Us

At UK Seafood we're passionate about fish, local service, and sustainability.

Our varied customer base includes wholesale and retail companies in UK, Europe, UAE, restaurants and retail shops.


Our inspiration to set up UK Seafood came from a love of fishing, spending time on the open water and simply enjoying the taste of super fresh seafood.


If we could create a company that combined the best fishing practices, people who were crazy about all things fishy and most importantly passionate about providing the consumer with the very best the sea has to offer, we would have a winning formula.


Our aim is to continue to love what we do and provide our clients with the very best sashimi, the tastiest locally caught fish and from time to time surprise them with new and unusual product offerings.


Our original focus has very much been the UK market but as we continue to grow we now cast our nets much further afield to all corners of the globe.


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